Ankasy Lodge reveals itself to you as a closely guarded secret set in the deep South of Madagascar. A white sandy beach almost 1,5 km long, pristine, translucent lagoon, nine bungalows set directly on the water’s edge …a unique experience in Madagascar !

The peaceful rhythm of a canoe that caresses the lagoon…laze on hanging beds on large private terraces, listen to your favorite music in the large lounge equipped with Hi-Fi, ride on a quad in search of wild oysters, hike to visit the majestic baobabs, let yourself be lulled by the waves of the lagoon on a hobbie cat or a traditional Vezo pirogue, or snorkeling down to a coral garden, marvel at the beauty of the world on a small sand bank attached to the reef… A relaxing time where nothing is imposed upon you. Treat yourself to the luxury of being in a place where time stands still.

In perfect harmony with its natural setting, Ankasy Lodge operates within an environmental concern thought its sustainable approach to development of the local community. From solar energy for the LED lighting to local capacity building, through environment fiendly on site management of water and waste, our sustainable tourism philosophy applies at all times making of Ankasy Lodge an example in the field of sustainable tourism. All improvements incorporate our effort to satisfy our guests, while preserving the fragile environment that makes Ankasy such a unique place…

Live your robinsonnade in this natural paradise in comfort …


With a surface of 100 m², each bungalow offers exceptional comfort. Our challenge and our ambition is to give you the feeling of being at home inside, and in your own piece of paradise at the end of the world as soon as you step outside!

A unique design with a heat chimney that works as a natural air conditioning, large sliding doors with views and direct access to the beach, no vis-à-vis or obstacles between the lagoon and your eyes… The ecological management of hot water provided each evening from a solar trunk reminds us that we are in the bush in the middle of a very dry region where the need to optimize the use of water is primordial…

A space designed for comfort…

Beach bungalow of 100 m², combining local & natural materials such as stone, wood and vondro, with natural air conditioning
Direct access to the beach and lagoon views, no vis-à-vis
Sheltered terrace, equipped with a double bed
Living room with bar and large sliding doors
Master bedroom with king size bed (2m x 2m)
Children’s room with two or three beds
Beds with mosquito nets
Bathroom with double sinks, shower and WC

An ecological commitment…

Running fresh water is provided in tanks brought by Vezo pirogues from the nearby village
Hot water is provided by solar trunks or heated buckets for a down to earth lesson in the management of this scarce commodity here: water
24/7 solar energy in the bungalows
LED lighting
Electrical outlets to plug or charge your devices (except electric hairdryer)

An absolute break…

…far away from internet coverage and the telephone network, no tactile screen nor watch…
…just bare foot in the sand and contemplating the lagoon where time stands still.
Absolute luxury to turn off the cell phone and forget the stress of the city and modern life. A unique setting to share genuine moments of happiness with those you care about.
Ankasy Lodge however is equipped with a satellite phone, and internet access in case of emergency or specific need.



You are dynamic, adventurous and love to stay active during your holiday? Set in exceptional natural surroundings, Ankasy Lodge offers many on-site activities…

From € 57 per person


Want to feel good in a lagoon side paradise, Ankasy Lodge is the perfect place to rest, relax or enjoy the sunshine. Your stay in Ankasy will allow you to completely unwind in a site away from mass tourism …

From 37 € per person


Situated on the edge of a lagoon, Ankasy Lodge is the perfect place for rest and sun lovers. Your stay in Ankasy will allow you to relax deeply in an exclusive site away from mass tourism, where you deliberately put aside the …