Ankasy Lodge | Restaurant

Flavors of the sea

Ankasy Lodge offers you a tasty, well balanced and fresh cuisine to accompany your holidays by the lagoon! The food is supplied with the daily contribution of villages and Vezo fishermen from whom Ankasy Lodge buys the day’s catch. In this frame of sustainable partnership, Ankasy Lodge gives economic support to local communities while enhancing its own integration within the local environment.

Supervised by Maroussia, the kitchen staff prepares these fresh products straight from the sea into meals much appreciated for their diversity and taste. On the menu: all the varieties of fish found in the region (daisy, grouper, captain, dorado dolphin fish etc.), squid, lobster, slipper lobster…  and even sea urchins or oysters that you can collect yourself during your excursion to the lagoon by boat and that bring their touch of iodine originality when the cocktail hour arrives.


The lobster season is open!

Early this morning our fishermen came Vezos we propose lobsters we bought them after a quick check of legal size, as we strive to "grain" ...
This week the chef offers us two recettesaux fresh flavors!

Lobsters grilled with herbs

Lime sauce grilled lobster